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2024 Special Event Camping Information


To reserve camping for special events (non-fair) click on the link above for camping registration and agreement form, and online payment.

Camping reservations MUST be prepaid. No sites will be held without payment. See reservation agreement for refund policy.

 Questions can be directed to, or by calling the office at 740-474-2085, option 1 (M, W F 8:00am-4:00pm). 

30 & 50 amp     $50/night

30 & 50 amp     $75/night

2024 Pickaway County Fair Camping Information

All 2023 campers were emailed a letter and application on MONDAY, JANUARY 8,  2024. Prioritization will be given to the immediate/household families of junior fair exhibitors with livestock projects.  It may not be possible to assign camping sites that have been previously occupied in past years. Applications for 2024 fair camping must be COMPLETE with all necessary information filled out, and received no later than WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30, 2024 BY 4pm. Qualifying campers will be notified via email by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2024. Once notified that camper has qualified full payment must be received no later than WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2024, by 4pm.  Applications must be completed and submitted online with link provided. 

Payment will not be accepted until campers have been notified that a camping site has been assigned. At time of payment checks should be made payable to Pickaway County Agricultural Society (PCAS). Credit card processing is available online and in office for a charge of $10.  If eligible campers do not sign up with payment by WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2024 by 4pm, that camping spot will be forfeited and assigned to next campers on the waiting list. Please plan to get your PCAS membership card ($35) at this time also. When purchasing PCAS membership the member is required to be present with id to sign the card in the presence of fair personnel. Contact the fair board office at 740.474.2085, option 1 with any questions.


  1. Camping is allowed ONLY in approved camping spaces, as assigned by the Pickaway County Fair (PCF) camping committee.
  2. Payment in full is to be made in accordance with the PCF camping application, as outlined by PCF Camping Committee. 2024  fair camping is $240 for the week for 30-amp service and $290 for the week for 50-amp service.  Any camping spot without a camping unit it in place by the designated times will forfeit their spot immediately.
  3. Each person camping in the unit will be required to purchase either a weekly fair pass or a Pickaway County Ag Society Membership (minimum one/camper for in-county resident) at time of camping contract signing.
  4. All applications for camping at the Pickaway County Fair must come before the PCF Camping Committee and be approved for acceptance and site assignment. All decisions made by the PCF Camping Committee are final.
  5. There WILL BE NO subletting or leasing of camping sites.
  6. All units on site must be covered by a valid and current insurance policy, and applicant must supply proof of coverage.
  7. All campers must be backed into spots with tongues accessible (no “U” parking) and placed on the left side of the site, with no part of the camper (slide outs, etc…) protruding over the assigned spot boundaries. A camping committee member will be present to verify proper and appropriate placement of the camping unit. In accordance with ORC3701-26-07 Sec A, there must be 15 feet between campers.
  8. Failure to comply with any terms of the camping application and contract along with these Camping Rules and Regulations will lead to future denial of camping privileges and/or removal of camping unit without a refund.
  9. Move in dates begin Friday, June 14th at Noon-8pm (ET) and Saturday, June 15th from 7am-8pm with all units being in place by 8pm, Saturday June 15th. A committee member can meet you to make sure you are parked and hooked up in the correct spot, with water and electric being unavailable until Noon, Friday, June 14th.  Any campers moved in prior to this date and time will be charged $35/day for 30-amp service or $45/day for 50-amp service. (Campers paying for the extra night to come in early will be placed from 4pm-8pm, Thursday, June 13th). Any violations will forfeit camping rights for the next year. 
  10. All camping site registrations include ONE parking permit. An extra parking permit is available for $25, maximum of 2 parking permits per camping site.  PCF Camping Committee will resolve any disputes involving camping spaces and/or parking permits and privileges.  Vehicles that are improperly parked be towed at the violator’s expense.
  11. No persons other than those listed on the application/contracts will be allowed overnight privileges in the campgrounds. Each camping unit must have a responsible adult staying overnight, preferably a parent.  This individual is responsible for all children/minors and their respective activities at and around the campsite.  If there are problems with that specific unit, the responsible adult will be asked to resolve the problem(s).  If no corrective action is taken or there is a lack of resolve to the satisfaction of the camping committee, the assignee of the contract assigned to that site number will be asked to remove their unit from the grounds immediately without a refund of camping fee(s) and related costs.
  12. No units can be removed from the grounds until Sunday June 23rd at 6am and by must be removed by 8:00pm (ET). Any units requiring earlier removal accommodations can move out on Saturday June 22nd between the hours of 6am - 2pm ONLY.  Anyone who moves out after 2pm will forfeit camping the following year. ALL trash is to be placed in receptacles; NOT left at the campsite.  If there is excessive trash left in any camping spot, that camper will not be permitted to return the following year.
  13. Dump Stations are not available for emptying your camper at the fair. 
  15. All decisions of the Camping Committee are FINAL, and rules are subject to change.



2024 Golf Cart Rules & Regulations for Fair

Safety is our #1 priority!

  1. These rules and regulations are being enforced by the Pickaway County Agriculture Society (PCAS) Board of Directors (commonly referred to as the Senior Fair Board), the Pickaway County Fair Camping Committee and local law enforcement as contracted by PCAS. These rules are provided and enforced for the safety of the public and livestock on premises. 
  2. GOLF CARTS ONLY will be permitted on the fairgrounds. ATVs, Side by Side, Gators or other such vehicles will NOT be
  3. Golf cart permit fee is $100. Proof of valid driver’s license and insurance is required prior to issuance of permit.  Wristband will be provided to golf cart drivers and must be worn throughout the fair week.
  4. Permit sign with camping spot number and permit holders name will be displayed on the cart at all times. Sign to be provided by PCAS.
  5. All golf cart operators must have a valid driver’s license.
  6. No golf carts will have riders that exceed seating capacity.
  7. Fair permitted golf carts (street legal or not) will not be permitted to be operated in restricted areas as posted by PCAS.
  8. No golf carts will be permitted outside of campground areas unless attending to livestock during the designated times.
  9. Golf carts will be allowed in the BARN AREA ONLY to attend to livestock from 6am-8am and 10pm-midnight during fair. No golf carts will be permitted in the midway area at any time.
  10. Operation of golf carts anywhere on fairgrounds from midnight to 6am is not permitted.
  11. Rules regarding driving in the midway and permitted hours does not apply to approved vendors.
  12. Those found to be in violation of these rules will have their golf cart being impounded by the Senior Fair Board immediately until the end of fair with no refund of permit or associated fees. Golf cart privileges will be suspended for one year. More egregious violations could result in permanent suspension (solely determined by the Senior Fair Board). Permit holders found in violation of rules can retrieve their golf cart from the impound lot on Sunday June 23rd 8am-10am. No exceptions.
  13. PCAS has the authority to change these rules as deemed necessary.
  14. Please remember operating permitted golf carts on Pickaway County Fairgrounds is a privilege.
  15. Fair Board exempt from rules except they must be a licensed driver.
  16. Application and payment deadline is Jan 30th by 4pm. No application or payment will be accepted or considered after Jan 30th.

2024 Fair Week Camper Tank Emptying Service

Chuck Nasty's provides onsite fair week camper tank pumping service for $40. Camper Pumping Request Forms are available in the fair office and payment is due at that time. Chuck Nasty's will retrieve all completed forms from the fair office daily by noon. Any requests received after noon will be serviced the next day. Access form to print by clicking here (copies are available in the fair office)

2024 Ice for Fair Camping

Ice is being sold back at Gate E during gate hours 8am-9pm.  $7 for a 22lb bag.


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